Good move on mine’s future


THE decision to reject the extension of the mining lease for Barrick is good news and a move in the best interest of PNG.
It is better to start somewhere than nowhere.
All commentaries that are contrary to this move will be coming from the industry and those within the industry, representing self-interests which has always been part and partial of the whole system that has been exploiting our people and our wealth.
The transition will be able to ensure jobs are retained and greater benefit sharing to the provincial government and landowner communities despite what the above doomsday self-interested commentators may say and think.
Excellent job, PM, and keep it up.
We need to also look into Oil Search and take Oil Search back. Ultimately it is and was always ours.
Every growth after the acquisition of Hides GTE project from BP has been through robbing and cheating PNG.
Firstly by diluting and taking over our very own National Oil and Gas Company (NOC) Orogen so they could buy out Chevron assets and take over the entire Oil Operations in PNG.
Than they allegedly mislead our Government with UBS so they could benefit and buy into Papua LNG and invest overseas from these proceedings.
In essence all Oil Search owns is the Hides to Gas Electricity project (PDL 1).
Everything else belongs to PNG and the people of Papua New Guinea.
The perfect opportunity to reclaim all that has been stolen from us has now presented itself on a golden plate.
Global oversupply, reduced demand for Oil and consequential cash flow, debt problems and rock bottom share values are unprecedented conditions never seen before and may never be seen again.
We need to capitalise on these unprecedented conditions never seen before and of which may never be seen again.
The opportunity for our PM to fulfill his vision has presented itself.
Let’s take the opportunity to rewrite the wrongs of the past, take back PNG and set it on its path to be the richest black nation on earth, it’s now or never.

True Nationalist

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