Good roads will earn revenue

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


BETTER roads in Lae, Morobe, will earn more revenue for the city and province through taxes from commerce and industry, former Morobe governor Luther Wenge says.

He said the problems with Lae and the province in not having enough money to cater for basic services and infrastructure would improve once roads were improved.

He said slanging matches in the media over the K100 million earmarked for the roads was not the way to go and he urged politicians and senior public servants in Morobe to take a more diplomatic approach.

“I pushed for Lae roads to be all cement during my terms as governor and fully support the prime minister’s decision to stick to concrete,” he said.

Wenge said Lae was in a strategic position and accessible by air, sea and road and quality roads lasting up to 50 years were good for the industrial capital.

“The less we spend on maintenance each year, that money can be used on infrastructure, education and medical needs in the province.”

Wenge said while the city waited for annual budgetary allocations from the government, the province could benefit more from GST tax collection.