Goodbye, JDee

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TOMORROW will see the curtain draw on arguably PNG sport’s greatest story of service when PNG Sports Federation and Olympic Committee secretary general Sir John Dawanincura is effectively and officially divested of the office he has held for over a quarter of a century. 
In a special general meeting of the PNGSFOC executive board and its affiliates in Port Moresby, Sir John, 65, will relinquish the position to his deputy Auvita Rapilla.
Although a formality the the affiliates must, by majority, ratify Rapilla’s ascension while confirming the end of Sir John’s contract.
The man affectionately known as “JDee”, who started working for the organisation in 1980 but became its secretary general in 1984, has seen the country through seven Olympics, eight Commonwealth Games and eight South Pacific Games  and has been the figure head for the nation’s sportsmen and women at countless regional and international events and meetings.
However, Sir John declined comment until after the assembly but confirmed that he had requested an extension to his contract which was rejected.
he cited his vast experience  as an advantage which would allow him to enhance marketing, sponsorship and networking to the benefit of the PNGSFOC.
He turned down the post of executive chairman of the 2015 Pacific Games committee asserting that he had spent a good part of his life at the PNGSFOC and deserved the opportunity to either go out on his own terms or serve the federation in another capacity.
He said an 18-month extension would be ample time for him to prepare Rapilla to take over while also enabling him the courtesy to decide his other option which is to nominate for the presidency of the PNGSFOC executive board (currently held by Sir Henry ToRobert) in 2012.