Google homepage on users’ browser shows PNG domain

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The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 TWO representatives from the most frequently used internet search engine Google are in the country.

They are part of a team responsible for emerging markets in developing countries aimed at improving Google compatibility and services in places that are otherwise neglected by rapidly growing global technology trends.

Google representative Divon Lan said: “We want to get in touch with the grassroots and see how we can serve the people of PNG better”.

Divon and colleague Duong Bach would build a cyber-Google development group (DGD) in the country  that will involve business leaders, professionals and many from a cross section of the community to familiarise themselves with PNG.

At a conference with the Google people last week, business owners and professionals brought up concerns and queries on the effectiveness of the American cyber giant in PNG and how their increased presence would benefit industry.

Questions were raised on the accountability and security of Google with their most recently developed features like the Google plus business page and Google drive, promoting efficiency in business.

“Security is an increasing concern as now threats come from well-funded crime organisations, or are politically motivated, but we can assure that we have the best security team in the world because we are fully dependent on people’s trust as a business,” Lan said.

PNG is the only country in the Pacific the team visited with stopover at the University of Technology in Lae.

The familiar Google homepage on the users’ browser would now automatically show the PNG domain when logging on, which means that searches would now be more localised, giving priority to local websites and information.

“We encourage website starters to use the ‘.pg’ domain so we know you are in PNG,” Lan said.