Gordon residents clean up years of rubbish

Normal, Papua

The National,Monday23 January 2012

AFTER years of seeing mounds of rubbish and smelling the stench, residents living next to the TST Tan Trading at Gordon, have decided to take some action.
The community organised with the National Capital District Commission to provide garbage bags for them to clear away all the rubbish that had piled up over the years.
Ben Yapumi, who coordinated the clean-up, said most of the rubbish was from betelnut sellers who used the area as a market place.
Yapumi, who is a long-time resident of the area, said the residents had argued with the traders and forced them out of the area last week.
That was when
they decided to clean- up their street.
Other residents Wallace Apaso and Barney Leo said the betelnut traders were using the residential area because there was no designated market to sell betelnut.
Apaso said Gordon was a central place where people from Gulf, Central and the Highlands sold vegetables and betelnuts.
He said the residents were tired of being chased by police who wanted to get rid of betelnut traders from the area.