Gore hails reduction of rates


THE reduced internet rates by Telikom PNG and bmobile will make digital technology more accessible and affordable to the micro small medium enterprises (MSME), an official says.
MSME Council president James Gore, pictured, in applauding Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd for the reduction of internet rates by its subsidiaries Telikom PNG and bmobile, said high internet costs contributed to the high cost of doing business in the country. “We can see that having an affordable and reliable internet connection addresses the previous issues faced in terms of access to technology,” he said.
“We expect to see major digital transformation which will transform the way we do business.
“However, this same experience has to be expanded on and made available to other parts of the country.”
Gore said they had noticed that the market in general had reacted and lowered the rates significantly.
He said the reduced rates would reduce the cost of internet usage and make digital technology more accessible and affordable for small businesses.
He said the price reduction would enhance the council’s long-term strategies to maximise market share through garnering profit through increased sales volume.
Gore said pricing was fundamental to the success of a business however difficult to establish in a way that guaranteed profitability.
“Businesses at the MSME tier must constantly review pricing to maximise profit levels while keeping development strategies in check,” he said.
Gore said MSMEs continued to face challenges such as lack of access to markets both locally and internationally.
Telikom PNG began reducing its internet rates on July 1 followed by bmobile on July 3.
Telikom PNG’s 2GB for seven days is K10; 20GB for 30 days is K95; 50GB for 30 days is K230; 100GB for 30 days is K450, and 200GB for 30 days is K875. Bmobile’s 2GB was now K12, 10GB for 30 days for K55 and 20GB for 30 days for K150.

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