Goroka a sad and sorry sight

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

I WENT to my hometown, Goroka, during the independence weekend.
The singsing groups in their full traditional costumes were great.
Thanks to some VIP passes, we got to see the dancers up close.
I was, however, disappointed to see the road which was in fact more like a bush track.
Ever sadder was the state of the market.
My heart broke for all those hard-working far­mers who brought fresh produce to sell in the ankle high muddy, smelly, pig-filled market.
This is the only market where far­mers from Dau­lo to Henganofi come to sell their produce.
When we were at the airport to catch our flight out, there was no water.
I learnt that the wa­ter supply had been cut off the day before.
Imagine the dirty and foul-smelling toilet.
To make it worse, the flight was delayed by six hours.
I am sad to say Goroka is not ready to welcome international tourists.
I really wonder why we celebrate our independence when our go­vernments have failed us miserably.
I hope Governor Julie Soso and Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa will bring real changes to the town.

Apo Girl
Via email