Goroka airport authority locks families out of terminal building


PEOPLE stand outside the fence and even on the road to welcome and farewell relatives, friends and families from and into Goroka.
Half the road is closed, vehicles are negotiating only on one lane of the road to avoid running into people.
The big question now is, why build a terminal fenced with galvanized steel barring people from entering the lounge?
Can the National Airports Corporation or executives in-charge explain?
The terminal was built at the expense of the people who are travelling in and out of Goroka.
People should be allowed to enter the lounge to farewell and welcome friends and relatives in comfort. Not on the roadside outside the fence.
Sometimes it’s sad to see people standing outside in heavy rain or cold to farewell and welcome loved ones and friends from and into Goroka.
What’s the point in building a state-of-the-art terminal – only to bar the people from entering? This is unfair.
People are standing waiting, no parking yard and what about in the festive seasons when there are more visitors coming in and travelling out of Goroka. Will the number of people waiting increase or decrease?

Concerned students