Goroka by-election needs free, fair voting


THE Government and the Electoral Commission should toughen election security measures to curb foul play and bribery during the polling day of Goroka by-election.
In previous elections, people with hidden agendas have been systematically manipulating the polling processes and depriving voters’ rights to cast their votes.
Young men under the influence of alcohol and marijuana are the main ones who have been grabbing ballot papers and marking them in their own way.
Therefore, it is important that voters are categorised into two groups, male and female.
Please do not entertain any individual who claim to be speaking on behalf of their community or village as those are the main actors who have been contributing to failed elections.
Their views do not represent their communities but their own.
We want to cast our votes for candidates of our choice and not become victims of greed and corruption.
We just want to vote freely without fear and favour.

Goroka, EHP

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