Goroka campus suspends classes

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The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

THE University of Goroka has suspended classes for two weeks from yesterday at the request of the Student Representative Council.
Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb said the decision by the university senate was made on Monday following a submission from the student council.
He said it had nothing to do with the fight among students from the highlands region on Tuesday.
“Even if there was no fight between the students, classes will still be suspended for two weeks,” he said. “It was a coincidence that the fight broke out among the students on Tuesday after the council (had made its) decision.”
He said the two-week suspension was not related to the fight.
The fight broke out between students from the highlands. One faction was made up of students from Jiwaka, Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga. The other consisting of students from Chimbu, Eastern Highlands and coastal provinces.
It started last week between final year students with some wanting to continue the boycotting of classes while others wanted to return to classes.
Students said they reconciled over the weekend but the hostility was re-ignited on Tuesday.
Staff at the Accident and Emergency unit confirmed that 45 students were admitted at the hospital with five critically injured.
Movements in and out of the Goroka campus was strictly monitored by security guards.