Goroka children get rules footy tips

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AFLPNG officials headed to Goroka, Eastern Highlands, to introduce children to the great game of rules football.
Goroka International School, West Goroka Primary School and Goroka Preparatory School were introduced to basic AFL football drills recently as part of AFLPNG’s aim to promote and develop the code widely throughout PNG.
Jason Napiorsowski, an Australian youth ambassador living in Goroka, runs AFL clinics focusing not only on basic handballing, kicking, bouncing and marking drills, but also on educating the children on healthy lifestyle choices.
“I head out to schools and run clinics on a weekly basis. We include children from as young as eight years old up to 17 year olds. It is important to get the children playing sport from an early age,” he said.
A new AFLPNG initiative “niu-kick” will target a younger generation of children.
AFLPNG manager Walter Yangomina is excited about the growth of the game outside the National Capital District and intends to cast a net that will include as many children as possible.
“Children as young as six will enter the niu-kick programme that will educate them on healthy lifestyle choices, increase their involvement in physical activity, and offer them an opportunity to enter the AFLPNG Coca-Cola Talent Pathway Programme,” Yangomina said.
Ian Karme, a former Binatangs player and current development officer for AFLPNG ventured to the schools of Goroka recently.
He said that AFLPNG had an aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices. An integral part of the school clinic programme.
“We deliver the message that to be successful in any area, not only sport, you need to work hard and make the correct lifestyle choices.”
Karme will be based in Goroka as Eastern Highlands development officer starting next month.
“I am excited about living in Goroka and running AFL clinics in as many schools as possible. The talent I saw on my last visit was amazing so I hope to develop a Goroka schools competition throughout next year,” he said.