Goroka is not a dumping ground

Letters, Normal

I READ with interest The National’s (Dec 29) front page picture showing passengers in a bus bound for Goroka weeping. They are said to be from a settlement in Lae being evicted. I hope these people are really from Goroka.Otherwise, they must be repatriated to their own provinces of origin.
Lately, Goroka has seen an increase in serious and petty crimes, something unheard of in this once peaceful town. The increase is attributed largely to settlers taking up residence on the periphery of the town.
The increase in settler population is partly due to displaced settlers from other centres.
It is a sad scenario.
The EHP government is very slack and indecisive about settlement issues.
They are affecting business investment and expansion of the town.
Landowners within the periphery of the town are selling their land cheaply to settlers.
I call on Goroka leaders to address these issues seriously as many have a “don’t care” attitude.
There is no real development but new settlements are on the rise.
Lateral expansion of Goroka is being suppressed and confined to the town itself.
Let’s think beyond ourselves and let the town grow into a city for our children’s sake.
Goroka is full of rubbish, both humans and trash itself. – Goroka resident Via email