Goroka MP yet to deliver promises

Letters, Normal

GOROKA MP Thompson Harokaqve made a lot of promises during his election campaign in 2007.
With two years left before the next elections, we are still waiting for him to deliver his promise to make Goroka the hub of major activities of the province.
I have some questions for the MP to answer.
1. When is he going to stop importing lamb flaps and substitute it with local beef, poultry, sheep and goats industry as promised? We have the raw resources but need his intervention through his DSIP.
2. When is he going to remove the Nokondi flag as he believes it is cursed and what is the alternative?
3. When is he going to engage the services of qualified EHP experts working outside and abroad?
4. When will the Gahuku High School saga be resolved and infrastructure improved? This also includes the Goroka market land issue, including sourcing of fund for its development.
5. All Goroka town roads are in total disrepair and run-down. It was only recently the EHP administration and governor intervened to seal several roads. He said rural roads would be his priority and responsibility but nothing has been done to upgrade and maintain them. Can he see the craters? Is Goroka going to be another Lae? We need roads and bridges to transport our garden produce to markets. Is he going to be another fly-in fly-out MP like his predecessors?
6. While the mobile clinic was a good move, did he consult with the implementers and clinicians? Who is the manager of this project? It is still lying idle at the Goroka Base Hospital car park. Does he need a driver? Or is it because the rural roads are impassable? Vehicles cannot travel unless there is a decent road network. Did the MP considered all these factors before buying the mobile clinic?
7. While his JDP&BPC paper is good, is it within his budget? His DA does not seem to have a say in the implementation.
8. He has three district offices, rural, urban and Goroka HQ. Is the MP aware all of them are falling apart? The Goroka HQ is the work of the RSL (ex-servicemen/ women). If Henganofi, Lufa and Daulo can built theirs, why can’t the provincial capital?
9. Most, if not all EHP MPs, including Chuave, Kandep and Jimi MPs are operating out of Goroka. In his inaugural speech, the MP said he would consult his fellow MPs who are based in Goroka. But to date, we are still waiting for him to do that.
10. What is the justification of sending K40,000 of Goroka people’s money to an Israel-based faith organisation operating in PNG. Is it a fund raising effort to assist the Israeli neo-colonisation efforts to grab Palestinian land in Gaza?
11. Mr Harokaqve is not in Goroka when we need him. What is he doing in Madang? What is he doing frequenting the Chinese MCC office in Madang and Basamuk?
Come home to Goroka.


Concerned Zauka Neta