Goroka needs political head


THE people of Goroka district need a political head to chair their District Development Authority (DDA) to assist in containing the possible spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the electorate.
The district, with a population of more than 100,000, is now without an elected MP after the court has declared the election of former MP Henry Ame void.
The latest we hear is that the by-election for the seat scheduled for this month is postponded for another month due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
While the court’s decision cannot be disputed, it is my humble view that the ousted MP be allowed to complete his term in office or let the district administrator continue the MP’s transformative policies until 2020 when a new political leader is voted into office.
We the people of the district’s three LLGs and 17 wards cannot be deprived of a political leader and important government services in these turbulent times.
We have suffered enough in the hands of past self-centred leaders and we want change.

Golokave Humilaha


  • The country is in a state fighting against deadly virus, what will you do with your political head this time of the year? How can you even vote or campaign. its better let this rain pass, little moment and government will seek funding to do the bye election. You still have your Governor, provincial and district administrators for any emergency cases.

  • The electoral commission should get the people to carry on with the by-election.

    There is no NEED for CAMPAIGN… People should have by now come to grips with the possible aspirants. It will make sense to carry out the election in just 3 weeks or less–ie time to nominate, and time to vote…NO CAMPAIGNING….bulsit tumas long mani, lambflaps na giaman promis…

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