Goroka roofing sheet plant earning praise

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 A HIGHLANDS-based roofing sheet factory is doing a good job of supplying the needs of local home builders.

Because of this, they no longer have to travel to Lae for the roofing material they need.

Weida Roofing Iron based in Goroka is cutting the roofing sheets to clients’ specifications, thus sparing them of the usual wastes such as off-cuts.

A visiting senior officer from the Department of Environment and Conservation Michael John applauded the initiative of Chinese businessman John Weida to set up the factory in Goroka.

He said because of this, local clients no longer had to travel to Lae for roofing supplies.

John said traditional kunai grass used to thatch roofs of bush material houses was fast disappearing with the increase in population and the need for new housing spaces.

He said these vacant lots used to host grass and other bush materials for housing.

John said it was a wise choice for Weida to operate a factory in Goroka, allowing consumers to access his products easily.

Weida said although the cost of importing roofing sheet materials had become costly, he was doing his best to make his price affordable.

This is a part of my company’s service to the community, he said.

The factory also manufactures ridge caps and wall sheet metals to be supplied in the Highlands region.