Goroka town looks clean than before


I APPLAUD the Goroka police hierarchy for the current operation in town to instil order, especially the uncontrolled street vending.
For the first time in a long while, we are seeing order and decency.
Goroka MP Aye Tambua is demonstrating his intension to uplift the image of our town and it is only fitting that the people of Goroka and those who flock into town to do their business adhere to town rules.
We do not want to see anymore dart board games in town.
Those who daydream in front of street preachers should consider attending an actual church service and avoid the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.
We are seeing positive changes since the police operation started.
The bus stops have become much safer now.
The town’s footpaths, once taken over by vendors, are now easier for commuters to walk freely on.
Goroka town looks much cleaner now as a result.
Opportunists and thugs will continue to play a “cat and mouse” game, which is why street vendors who sell at restricted sites should be arrested and charged just as what is happening in cities such as Lae.
The police crime hotline number should be made public so that the public eye can assist our police force in making our town a better place.

Eagle Eye