Goroka university students clean h’way


University of Goroka’s  (UOG)Volunteer Cleanathon exercise is one way to unite like-minded Papua New Guineans to build a prosperous, united nation, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb says.
He was speaking to UOG students who cleaned up the Daulo Pass section last Saturday.
“The cleaning up of the two iconic sections of Highlands Highway —Kassam Pass and Daulo Pass — is a demonstration of building unity,”  Sukwianomb said.
He said the students, under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Prof Musawe Sinebare and province chancellor Donald Gumbis, would learn the importance of cleanliness in communities.
“After this lesson of cleaning up the Daulo Pass section, I urge you to return to your respective dormitories to clean up your dormitories and your rooms and the surrounding environment,” he said.
Sinebare said learning to be a better person did not take place in classrooms only.
“In PNG, there is a lot of rubbish to be cleaned up not only in the physical environment, within the organisational structures of both government and private sectors and you know that very well,”he said.