Gov’t wrong to meddle with the Constitution

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 THE government of Peter O’Neill has decimated the opposition and now he has the numbers to govern this country without fear of being toppled by any vote of no-confidence. 

Without the opposition, this government can virtually do anything with no sense of accountability. 

When the government starts meddling with the Constitution, something is seriously wrong. 

Papua New Guineans have been praying for this government and only God can remove it if these leaders do not continue to follow God’s will and their motives are not right. 

One thing our prime minister seems to forget is that our visiting Christian leaders laid their hands on him and prayed for him. 

He was made chief in some provinces with traditional ceremonies involving pagan rituals. 

The Bible says; “You cannot serve two masters. You serve God or man which is the devil”. 

O’Neill has made his choice and therefore, the high office is no longer his. 

Any thinking Papua New Guinean would support opposition leader Belden Namah to stop the Government from meddling with our Constitution 

Under the guise of stability,  it extended the grace period and now under the guise of transparency, they want to amend sections of the Constitution on the vote of no-confidence so that they continue to stay in power. 

If there is a time where this country needs its people power, it is now.

Educated, thinking Papua New Guineans, must do something.

The majority of our people are village people who are uninformed and ignorant of what is going on. 

We need our trade unions, students and non-governmental organisations to stop this nonsense.