Government’s gift to the people, says PM

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THE Papua New Guinea Vision 2050 is a gift from the Government to the people, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said yesterday.
Sir Michael said this while launching the document in front of thousands of people who had gathered at the Sir John Guise Stadium yesterday for the official launch of the strategic vision, “PNG a smart, fair, wise and happy country by 2050”.
PNG must take control of its destiny now, Sir Michael said, as he again hinted at retirement after more than 40 years in politics.
“I would like to leave behind a comprehensive array of mission and directional statements as well as the seven pillars which are, in essence, the Government’s strategic directional intention that will drive this development initiative over the next 40 years,” he said.
He said it was a significant document whose seven core pillars aim to improve service delivery in the country.
Sir Michael said, however, that the PNG Vision 2050 would not be successful if the people did not take ownership of it at every level of society.
“The Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council will house the ‘vision’ and will be the trigger and focal point for the implementation of the PNG Vision 2050,” he said.
Sir Michael directed the Chief Secretary to government to mobilise the public service to rise to the occasion and the challenge, lift their game, and with a sense of patriotic spirit, carry out the work required to give full effect to the country’s fresh, long term, strategic development plan.
“First and foremost, I proclaim today, 18th November 2009, as the date we charted a destiny for our children, their children and generations to come,” he said.
He said the PNG Vision 2050 was the most significant instrument since the adoption of the Constitution and the eight-point plan in 1975 towards the improvement of PNG’s performance as a nation.
“The vision is a beacon of fresh hope for our people now and for the generations to come.
“The PNG Vision 2050 maps out the future direction our country should take, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of our people,” Sir Michael said.