Government and landowners


OVER the years Papua New Guineans have suffered because petroleum laws are not in favour of landowners and the people.
It is seen very clearly in the laws of revenue distribution and every citizen knows that very well by now.
We advocate very strongly to the Government that petroleum and energy laws should be reformed for better economic growth.
The Government must be smarter than those who want to manipulate our revenue from our natural resources.
We have grown by now and we should be not fooled by outsiders.
Foreign companies and governments secretly influence our government and companies to get almost 90 per cent out of one project.
God gave us common sense.
We are not stupid to be controlled by aid money provided by other countries.
Revenue distribution to Government and landowners should be increased.
Spin-off businesses should be given wholly to landowner companies or those belonging to other nationals.
Papua New Guinea-owned petroleum and mining companies should be given that opportunity to mine our own petroleum and other resources.
We should know by now how to find oil and gas in our land, test, pump oil and gas, refine our own oil and gas, store it, and market market and sell our products in the international market.
Let’s send our children overseas to learn specialist fields and come back and help in these areas.

Concerned Citizen

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