Government commended


I would like to commend the Government for reshaping its responses to ongoing challenges in higher education in the country.
There are many challenges ahead of the Government in terms of development in the higher-education sector.
What the O’Neill government has delivered and achieved in a very short period of time augurs well for the future of human capital development of this beautiful nation.
Development and investment in higher education is the only weapon that the Government can use to change this great nation to be on par with other developed nations.
The Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST), as the mandated agency for this sector, should start to explore new strategies and initiatives that are needed.
Current issues like quality and access to higher learning institutions, quota of intakes at tertiary institutions, and the career pathway for students graduating at the colleges should be addressed.
Government should also intervene promptly in decision-making so that improvements can be seen.

Jay Frankiee Kup