Government departments to be abolished to save costs

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Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore says  some  government agencies will be abolished next month.
He said that on Wednesday when presenting his ministerial statement. He said it was part of a cost-saving exercise under the public service.
“In addition to the cost-saving measures being taken through control of the pay bill, a number of organisations have been identified by the government through various Cabinet decisions for right-sizing,” he said.
“This means either abolishment or amalgamation with other agencies and reforms of their functions.
“The collaboration of central agencies through the staffing and personnel emolument audit committee have been tasked by the Cabinet under the leadership of the Personnel Management Secretary to rapidly bring this programme to fruition in a cost-effective way by the end of this year.” Kapavore said that over the past years, the government enjoyed unprecedented industrial harmony and good working relationships between State Services and public sector unions.
“A main plank of the relationship has been the three-year pay fixation agreements that have been in place, with the main unions – the Public Service Employees Association, Police Association, Teachers’ Association and various health workers’ associations.”
Meanwhile, Kapavore said that laws had been amended and all agencies should respect the general orders and give a fair go to women who applied for promotional opportunities.
“My ministry, through the Personnel Management Department, is committed to increasing the number of women admitted into the public service workforce by 15 percent and a general increase of women in leadership roles by 30 per cent by 2013.
“The challenging observation is that before the gender equity and social inclusiveness  policy (Gesi) was introduced, only seven women held executive leadership position.
“As a result of the policy, mainstreaming Gesi, we now have 10 women at the executive leadership level.”