Government gives church K60,000 for education


Christian Brethren Church of PNG (CBCPNG) received K60,000 from the Department of Youth Religion and Community Development last week.
Established in 1951, the church has touched thousands of lives in PNG for almost 70 years.
The funds will be used for its church education programmes.
These include building a staff house in the CBCPNG Pori High School in Hela and two offices for church education regional secretaries in West Sepik and Hela.
CBCPNG president Pr Peter Warili said it was the first time in the history of the church to receive such funds from the Government. This was two years of establishment of the church-State partnership.
“On behalf of the 472 local churches within PNG I would like to thank Minister for Youth Religion and Community Development Soroi Eoe, Secretary Anna Solomon, deputy secretary Warren Marape and the Government for recognising our work,” Warili said.
“The Government has appreciated the work of the church,
“I think it is the interpretation and reflection of the 400-year old Bible in the Parliament.”
Warili said church education, health and spiritual programmes were designed and had worked towards changing the mindsets and attitudes of people to be good citizens.
“The youths are the lifeline of this nation,” he said.
“Churches are playing an important role in training and converting them into good citizens, both in the physical and spiritual sense. The church education and health services complement Government efforts in reaching the unreached because churches are located in rural areas.”

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