Government gives ILG certificates to clans in Madang’s Ramu Valley


Clans from Ramu Valley in Madang have received incorporated land group (ILG) certificates from the Government.
The Kaime-Kahana clan with its sub-clan, Navapo-Segihi sub-clan, received their ILG certificates from the Department of Lands and Physical Planning yesterday.
Chairman Samson Kaninku told The National that Kaime-Kahana clan was one of six ILGs whose land bordered the Ramu sugar factory.
He said his clan was the first of the six to receive an ILG certificate.
Kaninku said the certificate would ensure the group sourced contracts from the Ramu factory.
He said the process took three years before the certificates were issued.
Kaninku commended Lands and Physical Planning for the comprehensive land-vetting process which identified seven genuine landowner groups. “An effective land vetting system discourages individuals from making false claims and dishonest land acquisitions, which deprive rightful landowners,” he said.
Kaninku said executives of the certified ILG groups now had the duty to conduct business in the best interest of the people and future generations.
Ramu Agri Industries Ltd general-manager Ruari Macwilliam said the company had ongoing ties with landowner groups in the valley.
He said the company’s engagement with contractors remained transparent and fair.

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