Government launches new IT firm

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The National, Wednesday March 5th, 2014


THE government has formed a new state-owned company PNG DataCo (DataCo) Ltd and the board members were sworn in yesterday. 

The new entity was established under Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC). 

The board comprised chairman Reuben Kautu, deputy chairman Mahesh Patel, Joseph Kim, KiliTambua, Andrew Johnson and chief executive Paul Komboi.

Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments Ben Micah said DataCo was approved and created by cabinet to oversee transformation and modernisation of the country’s communication infrastructure and to overhaul the information and communication sector. 

“The establishment PNG DataCo Ltd is government’s way of showing development partners and business community that it (the government) is serious about improving and modernising systems that add value to doing business in PNG,” Micah said. 

Micah urged the board and other state-owned enterprises to provide competitive and affordable services to the people to draw interest and participation from private entities and companies to create public-private working relationship.

DataCo’s creation was a result of a study conducted by IPBC with the support of competent private sector partners into the country’s telecommunication and information communication network.

The study also determined how existing infrastructure and network efficiency was positioned against government’s broadband and information and communication technology objectives. 

IPBC deputy board chairman Peter Aitsi urged the inaugural board of the state’s new entity to maximise the potential of ICT in the country. 

Aitsi said SOEs like DataCo are established by the government to provide services particularly in some of the rural areas where the private sector is not able to. 

The government’s desired outcome from the establishment of DataCo is the development and implementation of a modern broadband-driven, efficient and effective telecommunication and information communication system and network that is cost-efficient with added value and efficiency to deliver of both public and private sector services.