Government must pay tribute to kiaps

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Time for PNG to pay tribute to kiaps” (The National, Dec 10) by Reginald Renagi.
It was a timely call to the PNG Governments to pay tribute to the kiaps.
I commend the writer for his support of kiaps’ plight to be recognised by the Government. 
It is time for the Government and Parliament to pay tribute to the work of Australian and local kiaps during the pre-Independence era.
The local kiaps trained in Asopa and Adcol turned out to be among the best.
They were powerful and inspiring kiaps who tirelessly sacrificed, alongside their Australian counterparts to shape this nation into what it is now.
They conquered the unknown and uncivilised people and ended primitive warring among the inhabitants and slowly expose these people to modern civilisation.
Many of the kiaps have passed away and some are alive while a number of them continued as legislators in the PNG Government.
I urge the Government and Parliament to consider paying tribute to these forgotten pillars of the nation.

Luluai Kaman