Government needs to be rebuilt with standards

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 A PREACHER had this habit of moving a flower vase from one end of the pulpit to the other.

He repeated the motion every so often subconsciously as he preached.

This  happened as he wished to emphasise a point or to cover-up his nervousness. 

And the congregation developed a habit also when the same preacher rose  to deliver his sermon. 

In resemblance, PNG is run  by  a  government that  is likened to this preacher and the people resemble the congregation.

The government’s message is to exercise government for the people within the  parameters of the constitution and the laws in order  to  meet  the  hopes and the aspirations of the people. 

And this message is being obscured, making the message powerless because of some contrary action of government. 

The people’s representatives are around but they have gone silent. 

But other noises (endless promises, leadership summits and the buai ban) are offered  to divert attention from the faults of the government. 

No wonder the tone towards the government is increasingly abusive.


Peter Masi, Via email