Government out of place on acting positions

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IT is the government’s prerogative to appoint the police commissioner.
It is also the government’s prerogative to appoint a deputy police commissioner based on the recommendation of the police commissioner.
The government has acted unreasonably by appointing Fred Yakasa as the acting deputy commissioner when it appointed Tony Wagambie as the acting commissioner.
This administrative appointment should have been left to the acting commissioner.
The RPNGC currently has two confirmed deputy commissioner of operations, Tony Wagambie and Geoffrey Vaki who was recently cleared by the courts and reinstated to the post as deputy commissioner of operations.
While the people wait patiently for the recommendation made on the current suspended commissioner Gari Baki, the executive management of the RPNGC is unsure which deputy commissioner of operations is duly legitimate – the one acting and appointed by the political masters or the confirmed one reinstated by the courts.


First constable