Government payroll system to accommodate casuals

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The National, Wednesday July 18th, 2012

CASUAL government workers with more than 12 months service will now be included in the government’s formal payroll system to prevent discrepancy.
Department of Personnel Management secretary John Kali said the new system would be introduced at both national and provincial levels after discovery of non-recorded payments.
“We have evidence that there were cheque payments done by some department heads to casuals and not accounted for,” he claimed.“This (formal payroll) is to avoid the abuse of the P-GAS system and to ensure these workers contribute to Nambawan Super.”He said the new practice would allow for better preparation of the 2013 budget and improved management of the public servants’ payment system.
Kali claimed some de­partment heads at national and provincial levels were abusing the accounting system and wanted accountability from now on. He brushed aside rumours that his department had issued orders to lay off casual workers in government departments throughout the country.
Kali said the department issued a circular last year instructing department heads to move all casuals, who had served for more than 12 months, into the formal government system payroll by June this year.