Government, PNGSDP do not represent Western

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 FROM the outset, I believe that all the madness about the Government’s takeover of Ok Tedi Mine and Mekere Morauta’s outbursts played out in the media is yet another conspiracy created to suit their own interests at the expense of those that are ultimately affected by the mine, the people of Western, from beyond the Star Mountains to the Fly Delta. 

How can the Government guarantee our people that this takeover will benefit them when it does not have a solid foundation to operate a mine? 

We have every reason to believe that this takeover will not be in the best interests of our people. 

Also, the PNG Sustainable Development Program has in my view, done so little in terms development with so much funds and its impact has not been felt. 

When have they constructed a major road network connecting the province, a referral hospital for our people or built much needed infrastructure? 

They have not delivered for our people and yet they have delivered many impact projects to the other parts of the country. 

In my view, only one positive thing has come out from this saga and that is the disbanding of PNGSDP. 

The government has done the right thing by removing shares out of it.

It will cut off the link for good so that there is no outside influence. 

If the Government is serious about the welfare of the province, then it should institute a trust fund  exclusive to the province and offload over half of the shareholding to it then tie it in with the major infrastructure and social development so that the benefits are felt right across the spectrum of the populace.


Fabian Faustinus