Government remains confident, intact

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The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investment and Hagen Open MP William Duma says the Government has the numbers to deal with the no-confidence vote by Opposition.
“As far as I know, the Government is intact, we have the numbers to deal with the notices of motions which was properly brought before Parliament in accordance with standing orders and rules,” Duma said.
“Any motion that is properly brought before P  arliament in accordance with standing orders and rules, can then, of course, be properly dealt with the by speaker and members of parliament.”
He said the matters involving the prime minister are matters for him and the law-enforcement authorities.
“These are matters that he can deal with at this level. It does touch the ability of this government to continue to provide the basic services for this country.
“In politics, there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies. Members of the Opposition are fellow members of parliament like us, they are fellow leaders, it is not unusual for even the prime minister to talk to the leaders of the Opposition on matters relating to our country – all those have direct relation on the way we run this country.
“From what I can see, the majority of the members of parliament still have confidence in our prime minister.  “They are of the view that the allegations that have been made against the prime minister are matters concerning his conduct as an individual and a leader and it is for him to deal with them.
It is a matter between our prime minister and the law-enforcement authorities, our prime minister’s relationship with his fellow leaders are still intact.
“We signed an unconditional alliance agreement last year with People’s National Congress Party led by prime minister to remain with him and his PNC party, nothing has made us change our minds or our views,” Duma said.
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru said the Government was very confident.
“We’ll knock the motion over and we will remain as government until the elections,”Maru said.