Government services to go digital


THE Digital Government Plan (2023-2027) will start the digitising processes for services delivery, according to the Information and Communications Technology Department.
Secretary Steven Matainaho said the processes included eProcurement, ePublicServiceHR, eCabinet and eParliament.
Later, it will include eCensus and eVoting.
“This will be followed by business/economic-related services including applying and renewing for a business certificate, tax number, filing of tax returns, and opening bank accounts – all in a one-window platform,” he said.
“The key to delivery on all digital services will be through the PNG ICT cluster.”
Matainaho urged all ICT small-medium businesses and startups to register with the clusters.
“Citizens should have the ease of access to digital services through a one-window platform accessible by smart phone, laptop or PC,” he said.
“The digitisation of government is important not only for the delivery of services, but also the cutting of unnecessary spending on manual process, and eliminating corruption.
“Our next goal will be to start consultation with the public on the draft plan and align it with the 2023 National Budget.
“It is certainly safe to say that for the ICT and digital sector, this is indeed an exciting time.”