Government should pass Vagrancy Act


THE Government should pass the Vagrancy Act now and create state governments for our regions.
Momase, Southern, Highlands and New Guinea Islands with the Autonomous Region of Bougainville should have their own governments under the framework of the PNG Constitution.
The main idea is not to stop people from moving from province to province, but to motivate people to discover their talents and use them to earn their living.
At the moment, people are just lazy.
They are seen selling betel nuts and cigarettes on the streets.
Port Moresby’s Waigani traffic light is a clear example of lazy people not making an effort to do better.
It is a sign that all is not well with the affairs of the country.
Only a few people in Papua New Guinea try to live righteously.
This judgement is based on the body language of the people.
Living righteously has a way of helping people discover their talents and using them .
Examples of a righteousness include having light meals, selling goods in the right designated place and not all over the street or bus stops, disposing rubbish appropriately, dressing appropriately and maintaining cleanliness and respecting other people.
Christianity is a good religion, but many Papua New Guineans have failed to cultivate the full ingredients of Christianity and change the communities they live in and their work places.
In PNG, one tells lies to be employed or survive in the public sector.
If one starts telling the truth tomorrow, he or she will be out on the streets.
It seems telling lies is necessary if you want to keep your job.
Only the private sector is trying its best to uphold honesty.
In Australia, Singapore, the United States of America and the United Kingdom, upholding the highest level of truth is a norm and one cannot conduct him or herself below that level of truth and honesty.
This helps to minimise corruption.