Government told to keep promises

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The National,Friday23 December 2011

NEW Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan has called on the government to stop making empty promises but deliver by funding projects as budgeted.
Sir Julius said it was important funds were distributed fairly and equitably to everyone despite the political differences between members of parliament.
“This is a record budget of K10.5 billion. I handed down a record budget of K400 million as it was the smallest budget ever when I was the Finance Minister in 1973,’’ he said.
“What you see now is the result of my small budget and that has changed the country but more has got to be done with the record budget so far handed in the history of PNG.”
He said many empty promises had been made by the former Somare regime which did not honour commitments.
“I’m sick and tired of empty promises by the national government,’’ he said.
“The O’Neill-Namah government must not be like the former regime, making promises. We must act like a government and restore trust by delivering as budgeted.”
He said for the budget to be delivered equally and effectively as planned, the government must take control of the bureaucracy so that they did not misuse the budget.
He said politics in the bureaucracy was more damaging than the real politics in parliament.