Government urged to build regional universities

Youth & Careers
The National,Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

The president of the Hiri local government has called on the Government to build regional universities to avoid future student unrest from affecting innocent students.
Haoda Rogea made the call after at least  40 students from Central studying at the University of Goroka were evacuated last Saturday following confrontation among students factions.  He said it was sad to see Central students been affected and subsequently running away for some unknown political reasons.
“I challenge the government to build regional universities so that students can remain and study at their respective universities,” he said.
“So when issues like this arise, students can remain in their own regions and handle regional politics.
“We continue to claim to be one country and one nation but this does not depict through our actions.”
Rogea said all of Papua New Guinea was not tied down to a particular region or province so students should not be forced to participate in protests and unrests in the interest of certain groups with political motives.
Rogea said he would take his proposal to the Central MPs so that they could be addressed in Parliament.
Meanwhile, the Central governor’s office confirmed that all the Central students attending the University of Goroka arrived in Port Moresby last Saturday.