Government urged to support crusades in prisons


Pastor Peter Dege of True Church of Jesus Christ has urged government to support to host crusades in prisons.
Dege who was very vocal about preaching and teaching the bible to inmates blessed more than 800 and baptised 82 of them in two different crusades at Bomana recently.
He said the word of God was a tool that changed the minds of the inmates from their old ways of thinking.
“It was the preaching of the word of God that changed them,” Dege said.
“There was no report of any prison break out in Bomana because people have changed themselves and serving their time with a honest heart. He said the government had spent so much in addressing law and order issues in the country.
“The problem is still there because attitude and minds of the people are not changing,” he said.
“People are stubborn so guns and police will not change them unless the word of God is preached to them.”
Dege through his Agape for Souls ministry from the True Church of Jesus Christ has reached Bomana prison, Buimo prison in Lae, Biute in Goroka, Barawaghi in Chimbu, Kerevat in ENB, Basisu in WHP, Bundairu in Kainantu and Buwapi in SHP.
Some of the inmates who were changed while in Bomana prison were released on parole.

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