Government yet to access funds from India

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Prime Minister James Marape, says the Government has secured K100 million from the Indian government but is yet to access the funds.
Middle Ramu MP Johnny Alonk inquired in Parliament about the funding for the Ramu-Baiyer road which was to have come from the Indian government funding .
He said they had been told that of the K100m, K20m would go towards the East-West New Britain Highway, K20m to the Mt Hagen Court House and K60m for the Ramu-Baiyer road.
Marape apologised for the delay.
“It has taken some time for Treasury to draw down those funds and I’m instructing Treasury to start the process now,” Marape said.
Alonk called on the Government to tell the nation where the money was.
Marape said it was a soft funding provided by the government and people of India through the Indian Exim arrangement.
“We will start the process so that the Baiyer-Ramu road and the other East-West New Britain Highways receive support .”

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