Government’s 100-day 25-point plan expires on December 2, says Abel


THE Government’s 100-Day 25-Point Plan expires on Dec 2, says Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel.
He said the plan was made in light of prevailing circumstances, and was intended to demonstrate proactivity, inspire confidence and kick-start Alotau Accord II.
The 25 points are:

  • 2017 Supplementary Budget;
  • 2018 Budget;
  • Payroll strengthening;
  • Reducing the service improvement programme;
  • Drawdown of balance of Credit Suisse loan; and access World Bank and Asian Development Bank support funding for 2018 Budget;
  • Oil Search to provide a minimum of 50 per cent of crude oil needs to the Napanapa Refinery in Kina terms, transition to gas-powered electricity, rice production and Bank of PNG intervention into the foreign exchange market with US$100 million;
  • Non- tax revenue collecting agencies to remit 90 per cent of their revenues;
  • Tax regime reform;
  • Establishment of task forces for Internal Revenue Commission, Lands, Customs and Illicit Trade;
  • Compulsory tax identification number for opening bank accounts;
  • Progress of significant resource development projects including Wafi-Golpu, PNG LNG expansion, Papua LNG and Western LNG;
  • Launch of Australian-funded projects including PNG-Australia Economic and Social Infrastructure Programme and Angau Hospital development;
  • Various power projects;
  • High impact projects;
  • US$1 billion upgrade of Highlands Highway;
  • Gerehu 3B Affordable Housing Pilot Project;
  • Commencement of New Enga Hospital and Mt Hagen Hospital;
  • Ceasing of closed tender financing and bringing forward the National Procurement Authority Bill;
  • Audited accounts for State-owned enterprises and statutory authorities by mid-2018;
  • Have all prescribed boards appointed;
  • Freeing up resource landowner benefits;
  • Suspend proposed amendments to lands Act, IPA Act, Agriculture Investment Act, Agriculture Administration Adjustment Act, Mineral Resources Authority and Mining Act to allow further consultation;
  • National Energy Authority Bill;
  • Population policy; and
  • Medium Term Development Plan 3.