Governor calls on police to do their jobs with due diligence


MADANG Governor Peter Yama has called on the police to do their jobs fairly and with due diligence, adding that the force should not allow politics to influence its work.
At a media conference in Port Moresby on Tuesday, he said police officers who took an oath to serve the country should not “play politics” in the line of duty.
Police Minister William Onglo, when asked to comment yesterday said Yama needed to clarify the allegations he had raised through a letter to his office and to the Commissioner of Police David Manning.
Yama, when referring to police operations in Madang, said police officers were not above the law and they could not kill people unnecessarily under the pretext of doing their duty.
“I want to warn these policemen who are in Madang, who are shooting people,” he said.
“Some of these policemen are directly involved in serious crimes and they have killed and murdered people in the name of escapees.
“Those policemen should know that you are not above the law.
“People’s human rights, under the law will come after you.
“I have now asked the families of those people to come and lay complaints and I will assist them and support them in paying their legal fees and we have to come against those policemen.
“Those policemen, some of them have been suspended, but now they have been recruited to come back to police.”
Yama said these officers needed to be dealt with adequate punishment for their actions and called on the police hierarchy and responsible ministers to address the problem.
“I want to make it clear that there are good policemen and women out there, you can’t allow this sort of politics to come into the police force,” he said.
“You are policemen by oath.
“You (should) stand to serve the country to discharge your duty with due diligence, respect and honour.”