Governor encourages students to work hard

Youth & Careers

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has urged students in technical and vocational education training (Tvet) institutions to work hard for a better future.
Parkop said many young peoples’ lives were wasted because they were unable to get jobs due to lack of educational qualifications.
And because they lacked qualifications to secure employment, many youths turned to criminal activities to make ends meet, he added.
Parkop said parents have already tried their best in raising young people and it was the Government’s turn to step in and take over from parents where they fall short. He said through Tvet, many young people were given a second chance to have a better future.
Parkop said the Government’s job was to create opportunities and give second chances and the youths were to make use of the opportunities presented.
He said many opportunities were available to city youths through his office such as Tvet, skills training and the Urban Youth Programme.
Since the inception of Tvet scholarship scheme in 2008, his office has spent almost K30 million.
Parkop said his office would continue to roll out such programmes for citizens in National Capital District.