Governor gives K200,000 for church work

National, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 POPONDETTA Anglicare PNG has received K200,000 from the Oro provincial government.

The money is the balance of a K300,000 funding promised by  Northern Governor Gary Juffa.

Anglicare Popondetta branch manager, Stewart Seko received a cheque  for the amount on behalf of national director Heni Meke from Juffa’s first secretary,  Philip Embahe. 

Juffa thanked Anglicare PNG for services in the province.

Seko said K100,000 was given last year to support its operations in the province. The lack of funding for Popondetta was caused by the withdrawal of aid last year by Anglicare’s major donor.

Meke hopes the financial support will continue so that the province benefits from the services Anglicare was providing like HIV testing, adult literacy and community outreach programmes.

Meke said she would strive to give her best support to the four branches currently operating outside NCD including Popondetta, Lae, Wabag and Mt Hagen.