Governor Haiveta hosts PNGFA president Kapi Natto


GULF Governor Chris Haiveta welcomed John Kapi Natto to the provincial capital in the Papua New Guinea Football Association president’s bid to re-affiliate Kerema Soccer Association to the governing body.
The trip to Kerema was to ensure that the Kerema association met all the guidelines and requirements to elect new office bearers. Haiveta had to suspend his Provincial Executive Council meeting to host Kapi Natto and his team.
“I have known Kapi Natto for a long time on the business front as board member of Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) and have been following him to get the once-fragmented football body back to one united soccer family,” he said.
Haiveta said Gulf people were renowned for rugby league but they were also good in other sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer.
“The late Joe Turia and his brother, Toru, were products of Kerema Soccer Association through their adopted family, former Gulf administrator, the late Don Sigamata,” he said.
“He comes here at the only Kerema field early in the morning and returns home in the dark.
“On Sunday, everyone in Kerema goes to church while the late Don Sigmata goes to the soccer field to try to convert church goers to follow football.” Gulf Governor said people from Kerema Bay and Kaintiba were good in soccer.
“In fact, Kaintiba has a soccer field with rocks in the middle of the pitch but players negotiate their way around the rocks to play their favourite game and this is true passion of football,” he said.