Governor has lost the plot on people’s needs in Northern

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday November 9th, 2015

 I WISH to inform the concerned people of PNG that Oro Governor Gary Juffa, who is hardly present in the province, was wrong in his report in The National (Thursday, Nov 5). 

Juffa has no firsthand information on the Oro people’s cries for development as he is never in the province to listen to them. 

The Prime Minister’s visit was welcomed by all leaders in the province. This was quite evident from the responses he and his team received wherever they went.

Ask any person on the streets or in the villages in Oro and they will attest to the fact that they were happy that the PM made time available to go to Oro. 

The governor is jumping up and down because he is too busy politicking in Port Moresby and worrying about issues that have very little or no benefit to the people of Oro. 

Juffa is evidently disconnected to the rural populace and is hardly in the province to attend to matters that affect the people. 

The only time he is seen in the province is to attend to provincial executive council (PEC) meetings and he flies out the very next day. 

Juffa does not have the connection to the people like other MPs do. 

He sounds like an angel in the media but is the majority of Oro people do not believe what he says. His political staff are similarly disconnected. 

Moreover, there is no harmonious relationship between the Juffa regime and local leaders, both in the villages and the provincial administration. 

Come 2017 Juffa will see what the people of Oro think of his leadership over the last five years.

When questioning the K15million funding for the Saiho Health Centre rehabilitation , Juffa was preaching transparency and accountability.

However, we have yet to see any constructive alternatives from him about improving the current systems and processes of service delivery in the province. All we have been seeing from the governor are criticisms. 

The conclusion I am forced to draw from Juffa’s media outbursts is that he lacks vision, innovation and is ignorant of the real needs of the people of Oro. 

He is full dreams of a utopian state where all is well and corruption-free but do you know how to get there? 

Have you taken any steps to address the negatives and improve on the positives? Have you been engaged in constructive dialogues with the direct beneficiaries of certain development endeavours, if any? 

Juffa you does not have the interest of the people of Oro at heart so please don’t mislead the province, country and the world. 


Sauga Meri