Governor impressed with implementation of projects

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The Nationl, Monday 3rd September, 2012

GOVERNOR Ati Wobiro is impressed with the work the Western administration is doing to implement projects.
Wobiro attended a briefing forum organised by the provincial administrator in Daru last Thursday and said it was an eye opener.
He commended the respective provincial department heads for the work they were putting in.
“I have developed a conclusion that there’s a lot of time and good work, congratulations to the provincial administrator and your senior staff,” he said.
The only open member who was absent apart from Middle Fly parliamentarian Roy Biyama and South Fly MP Aide Ganasi was North Fly MP Boka Kondra.
Wobiro told the provincial department heads and provincial administrator William Goinau there was still a lot of fine tuning to eventually get the projects implemented.
“The national parliament is very concerned about the implementation of projects and I must mention that 65 new members were elected into parliament and only 40 re-elected and the high turnover was because of non-implementation of projects,” he said.
“We, parliamentarians are lawmakers but how many projects have we implemented it there’s nothing, this affects things at the provincial level.
“Basic understanding is that district authority concept will have a ward operating under a semi-automatic power to hire and fire and give contract that is where the national government is moving but this is not yet debated 
“Our focus is strong and we are tying to implement projects
“My colleague MPs understand the struggle because we are a minority.
“Laws will change and all department heads will be approached and directly answer to the government.
“The provincial administration will transfer power to the Provincial Executive Council to have power to hire and fire.
“This puts everybody  on notice. As long as there is accountability and transparency we will deliver service to where it is supposed to go to,” he said.