Governor, lover admit adultery

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A WOMAN dumped her unemployed husband, with whom she had three children, and ran off to live with a Member of Parliament, the Port Moresby Family Court heard yesterday.
Anna Ivara was in court yesterday for an alleged sexual relation with Sandaun Governor Simon Solo while still married to Emmanuel Vali.
Solo pleaded guilty to adultery with Anna through his lawyer before magistrate Pauline Stegman.
They now live together at a rented house in Laloki and have a child.
Anna and Solo were taken to court by Emmanuel, Anna’s husband for seven years and the father of her three children.
Emmanuel is unemployed and lives at Hohola. Anna worked at a restaurant in Gordon.
Often she would come home with a lot of money, and other times he would hear stories of his wife being dropped off in a car by someone.
He became suspicious of an affair, and this was confirmed when she became pregnant and admitted to an affair with Solo.
Emmanuel, of Maopa village in the Central province, lodged a complaint of adultery on July 10 at the family and sexual violence section of Boroko police station.
He summoned the two to appear in court on Aug 21, for alleged unlawful voluntary sexual intercourse contrary to the Adultery and Enticement Act.
The matter was set for hearing on Sept 3 but was adjourned when Solo did not turn up.
At the Port Moresby Family Court yesterday, the lawyer, who represented both Anna and Solo, told the court his client would accept the allegations of adultery lodged against him and was prepared to admit to the offences.
The lawyer contended that the complainant had failed to file his complaint on time and the reasonable time had lapsed, and referred to section 7 sub-section 1 of the Adultery and Enticement Act.
He said Solo and Anna were now living as husband and wife and were prepared to resolve the matter through compensation process.
However, the court refused the application and advised the parties
to resolve the matter through a mediation process stipulated under section 10 of the Family Court Act.
The court said if the mediation process failed, then other alternatives could be sought.
Solo did not turn up in court for the proceedings but Anna did.
She appeared with a baby.
The matter was adjourned to Oct 26 for a ruling on whether the matter could handle through the mediation process of the court.