Governor must develop WNB

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

I refer to the letter “Kimbe in crises due to weak leadership” (The National, May 13).
I agree with the writer’s comments.
Kimbe is a rich town.
The economic activities are enjoying a boom not only in Kimbe but West New Britain as a whole.
Sadly, many of the faci­lities and basic infrastructure are either run-down or non-existent.
With all the money coming in, it is a mystery why the governor and provincial government are not using the funds to upgrade, maintain or build new infrastructure and facilities.
At the moment, the province is an eyesore because of the following: 
* Run-down buildings in schools, heath centres and hospital;
* Run-down houses for health workers and teachers;
* Run-down shop build­ings in Kimbe town area;
* Poor road conditions from Hoskins Airport to Koimumu;
* Poor road conditions from Bola to Bulu-Talasea highway;
* Poor accessibility from Kandrian-Glouster to Kimbe; 
* Access to and from Bali Vitu non-existent;
* Drug shortage in Kimbe General Hospital;
* Demoralised hospital workers including doctors and administration staff;
* Police underfunded resulting in drastic shortage of personnel in Kimbe and WNB overall;  
* Mobile squad not paid allowances for almost three weeks; and 
* Squatter settlements continue to mushroom causing a rise in law and order problems.
The governor and provincial government are not pro-active and show a drastic lack of initiative.
It is sad to see the people suffering quietly when there are enough funds to develop the province.
Kimbe needs leaders that walk the talk.
We do not need all the rhetoric.


Silent observer