Governor must lockdown POM


I SUPPORT the call to enforce lockdown in Port Moresby by Kinsman in this section on Friday.
Lockdown is necessary at this time due to the increase number of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths, the overcrowding of the isolation facility in the National Capital District and the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) and mortuary.
It is not unnecessary, as stated by Governor Powes Parkop.
How are can he (Parkop) guarantee that everyone in NCD will adhere to the “Niupela Pasin” or get vaccinated?
He has been telling people to get vaccinated and follow the “Niupela Pasin” but, until now, people are still being ignorant.
Should we let more people get infected and die; let PMGH run out beds; and, let more doctors and nurses suffer from stress before we enforce a lockdown.
The economy can be managed, but life cannot.
Listen to people like Sir Puka Temu who wanted a lockdown enforced.
Through a lockdown, enforcing the “Niupela Pasin” and conducting awareness about the benefits of getting vaccinated is made easier and, more importantly, helps our frontline workers, especially our doctors and nurses.
We know the election is few months away but let’s not compromise our health system and the lives of our citizens, our doctors and nurses and other frontline workers for the sake of politics.
Enforce a lockdown and manage and control the pandemic, or we will continue to die like rats because of our ignorance to the “Niupela Pasin” and our ignorance to get vaccinated.

John Sinene
Kanaka Doctor