Governor to prioritise development of Goroka market


Peter Numu will make the controversial Goroka Market one of his top development priorities as  the new Eastern Highlands governor.
Development of the market over the last five years was stalled because of an ongoing tussle between former Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa and former Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso over who should develop it.
“I was the lawyer representing the provincial government regarding the market case,” Numu told The National after being sworn in at the Parliament state function room by Speaker Job Pomat this week.
“We won the case and K22 million is now parked in a trust account (for the market).
“There are procedures as to how to utilise the money due to the ongoing court battle between (former) Governor Julie Soso and Bire Kimisopa.
“It was very difficult to take the money out.
“The court made an order that this money should stay in a trust account and everything will go through mediation.
“I, as governor, want to work with the Goroka open MP, given that there is a market steering committee already in place.”

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