Governor queries status of project

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


CHIMBU Governor Noah Kool claims a US$15 million (K33 million) World Bank funded telecommunication infrastructure project has yet to be implemented in his province.

He told Parliament last week that the project was approved three years ago and was expected to start in March 2011 and end next month.

Kool said Chimbu and East Sepik were earmarked as pilot project provinces before the World Bank expanded its assistance to other provinces. 

He added that the bank was working with the Communication and Information Department to implement the project. 

Kool said his government and people were not informed of the changes to the project’s scope that would cover all rural communities in the four regions. 

He said Chimbu was a pilot project area and should undergo its trial phase before changing the scope and tendering the project for implementation in other provinces. 

Kool asked Communications Minister Jimmy Miringtoro for alternative plans to deliver communication services to the rural areas of Chimbu and other provinces and update Parliament on the progress of the project.

Miringtoro confirmed that the project scope was changed but said he was not aware of the tender.