Governor says students’ unrest recipe for social chaos

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru (pictured)  described the student unrest at the University of Papua New Guinea as “absolute ingredient of chaos in society”.
The situation was not warranted but it occurred as a result of passing premature justice with preconceived judgment, he claimed.
“I debated in Parliament last Friday that this country had come to an unprecedented determinant way of passing moral and social judgment with ill-conceived minds,” Naru said.
“Faceless people were passing emotional, social, moral and premature justice with preconceived judgment in social media without due care and respect.”
Claims of police shooting University of PNG students in Port Moresby sparked riots and violence in Lae and Mt Hagen as students there came out in support of UPNG students.
Naru said people had their rights and freedom to express their views.
However, expressing freedom had to be with care and respect to Mama Lo, the Constitution which the justice system upheld to dispense judgment.
“The concerns over the Paraka (case), Exim loans and others that students and the public raised, set the wheels of natural justice system in motion.
“Hence, let us give our judiciary system a chance to execute its roles and responsibilities with dignity, without fear or favour,” Naru said.
“I call on the students and the public to exercise greatest patience and respect to our Constitution, give peace and justice system a chance to prevail,” he said.
“The students called upon Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step down using the same Mama Lo.
“We have one law, one principle and one court system; let alone natural justice set in to take its course, but the results never occur over night,” Naru said.
He urged Morobe students from all tertiary institutions to exercise patients and respect because a lot was invested in their future.